To uphold the centrality of the word of God through the Holy Spirit and to pursue in a holistic ministry to bring all creation to glorify God in Christ through learning, belonging, healing, and serving the world.


We aspire to be a Christ centered, self- sustaining, and a growing international community of all believers regardless of nationality or language, where we are always connected with Christ, so that together can serve God joyfully by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

The church is supported entirely by the generous giving of congregants and our friends.  All donations directly support church activities. Thanks for your generosity.

Who We Are


We are an international congregation under the  Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG).

We subscribe to Christ based  core values of the PCG, which are:

1. The Centrality of the Word of the Lord  2. Discipline  3. Hard work 4.  Integrity  5.  Humility 6.  Unity   7.  Upholding Democratic Principles 8.  Godly Leadership and Skills Development   9.  Sound Moral Principles

We also believe in:

1. A Church centered in Jesus  2. Life rooted in Scripture  3. Relationships formed in Community 4. Faith expressed in Action